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Camelot Treasures was once an amazing little shop filled with magic and wonder. It may re-open again someday, but for now, this is the landing page for all the different things that Scott & Kirsten do:

Kirsten MyFunkyCamelot - Handmde Costuming & accessories by Kirsten Vaughan Designs - Steampunk, Fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Neo-Victorian, Pirates, etc. - cloaks, tunics, hats, wizard robes, and more. If you want custom work you can email Kirsten with an idea of what you want and she'll give you a quote.
Efenwealt Wystle Music by Efenwealt Wystle - medieval, renaissance, celtic, folk, comedy - inspired by our doings in the Society for Creative Anachronism.
BlibberingHumdingers Music by the Blibbering Humdingers - comedic Wizard Rock for Harry Potter fans.
Educational Programs by The Medieval People - we would love to come to your school or library and share our music, costuming, knowledge and collection of artifacts and reproduction pieces with you.
Stripey Socks are back in stock! Only $12.50 a pair. Hogwarts House colors and others available.