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May 1, 2013

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Blibbering Humdingers Invasion of Britain

Help the Blibbering Humdingers Get to Leakcon London!

Update 2May2013 - The campaign has officially ended, so we won't be making noise about it, but will continue accepting contributions to include as many people as we can in our London adventure. Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed. Even though we only made 90% of our goal your contributions are still perfectly useful and will wil help to speed us on our way to the UK. So that put that in your pipe and smoke it Kickstarter.

We will be contacting contributors during May to confirm your contact information and collect other details for your reward. If you don't hear from us by May 31, please contact Scott.

The Project

Meet Scott & Kirsten. We're part of a wizard rock band called the Blibbering Humdingers. Mostly, we play funny songs about the Harry Potter books and movies, but also sing about other stuff like Dungeons & Dragons, Doctor Who, Firefly and all kinds of fantasy, sci-fi and nerdly topics.

We've been invited to perform at LeakyCon London, a huge, international Harry Potter conference taking place August 8-11 in London England. It's hosted by the Leaky Cauldron (of PotterCast fame) and will bring together wizards and witches from all over. Thankfully we have friends living in London who are letting us stay with them (thanks Tom & Challe!) However, we're all out of Floo Powder and don't want to get splinched apparating so far away. So we'll need your help getting there via muggle transport. With your help, we won't have to Imperio any goblin bankers and steal a dragon in order to get there.

We're hoping to raise at least $2700 to cover airfare for the two of us. Any funds raised beyond our basic goal will help us with food and ground transport, shipping stuff to the show, and plane tickets for our kids.

To show our appreciation you for donations and to entice you to donate, we are offering all kinds of awesome thank you gifts. All of them come with our UNDYING GRATITUDE. Everyone who contributes will also be thanked on this website and in a special video message on our YouTube channel at the end of the campaign.

Download Music:

But that's not all we've done. We want all of London to sing-along at our show. To help people learn some of our songs, we've made all of our music available on on a pay what you like basis through May 1 . Go grab some music. Tell your friends. Donate if you can.

Kirsten's Etsy Shop

Also, Kirsten is always making stuff to sell on her Etsy shop, and some of our regular band merch like t-shirts and Hufflepuff Sandwich lunch bags are avaialable there.

Awesome Rewards!

$5 OUR UNDYING GRATITUDE - We'll include your name and a short message from you to the world (if you like) in an end of campaign "Thank You" video. ALL REWARDS below also include this.

$8 PIXEL PALS! -Our son Aiden will create a small piece of pixelated artwork for you, based on any video game character you choose. (or whatever can be pixelated) These make great keychains, bag charm or pendants.

$10 POSTCARD FROM LONDON - We'll hand write a goofy message on a post card and send it to you while we're in London.
$15 GOLDEN SNITCH EARRINGS! - Kirsten makes these. They are adorable.
$20 MY PRECIOUS!!!!! - Scott will read, recite or sing anything you want (under 5 min) in Gollum's voice. Sonnets, pop songs, erotic poetry, wedding proposals whatever. We will either send you an MP3 or post a YouTube video, whichever you prefer.
$25 THE LOUSY T-SHIRT - We're going to make a limited run of T-shirts that say "I sent the Blibbering Humdingers to LeakyCon London, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt." OR Kirsten will hand-paint you a t-shirt based on any of our songs (your choice) on any color shirt you'd like.
$30 APPLES! - We will make you your very own set of our infamous Harry Potter/Wrock Apples to Apples Red cards to use with your own Green cards.
$35 DOBBY BANG YOUR HEAD! - We will make you your very own plush house elf head similar to the one we frequently use in our concerts during "Dobby Bang Your Head". You can bang it against walls or furniture in the privacy of your own home. House elf not included.
$40 WROCK THAT SKIRT BABY! - Kirsten will make a patchwork skirt from your favorite wizard rock, HP or any other T-shirts. (You supply the shirts) She has two of these that she often wears to shows or conventions.
$42 HORCRUX - Scott will magically split his soul and place a portion of it into a small object of his choosing and mail it to you for safe keeping. Each horcrux comes with a certificate of authenticity. The horcux could be anything from a cup to ring, or a diary. Who knows? (only 3 of 7 left!)
$45 TARANTALLEGRA! - Depending on your particular talent, you can dance, sing, or perform with us in some other capacity on stage during a song at one of our upcoming shows (MISTI-Con, LeakyCon London, Camp 9&3/4) You can choose the song, or we can choose it for you. (only 2 per show available)
$50 SHOUT OUT! - We will work your name name into one of our songs during our LeakyCon London performance and post a video of the performance on our YouTube channel. (all gone! )
$75 HOLIDAY SNAPS! GRIN GRIN. WINK WINK. - We will make a paper doll (or sock puppet) in your likeness and take whacky photos of us having a good time with you at LeakyCon London and around the London area. The photos will be posted on our Facebook. We get into all kinds of crazy hijinks. We'll also send you the paper doll afterwards along with prints of our 3 favorite photos. (all gone!) $150 AH MUSIC! A MAGIC FAR BEYOND WHAT WE DO HERE - We will write a song based on a title or concept that you propose. You will receive an .mp3 of us performing the song. We retain all rights to the song. If we use the song on a CD we will also thank you in the liner notes.
$200 CASA DE HUMDINGER - Come stay at our house for a weekend. We'll play a private show for you in our living room or just hang out and play games like our infamous HP Apples to Apples. You can stay in our guest room and we'll even cook you pancakes or oatmeal in the morning. Or make you a sandwich. We have a guest room that sleeps 2, and have 2 couches as well (if you want to bring a few friends). If you want to make a HP party of it, we'll invite the locals too. We live in Cary, NC. Lots of wizards have stayed with us and will attest to our southern hospitality. Subject to scheduling. (only 3 available)
$300 QUIDITCH PLAYING WITCH (OR WIZARD) - custom hand-made quidditch robe and quidditch team logo design by Kirsten. She'd like some time to make this, but if you're in a hurry to get it for an upcoming convention, let us know.
$350 HOUSE PARTY!!! - We will drive to your house or some venue you arrange and play a Saturday Night house party! This is only available to people who live within a 6 hour drive of Raleigh, NC. So like Atlanta to Baltimore to Asheville, NC to Savannah, GA to Charleston, WV and just about anywhere between. If we can crash at your place, that would be extra awesome. You can sell tickets to your friends if you want. :) Subject to scheduling.
ANY AMOUNT - If you really don't want any of our cool rewards but still want to give us a few dollars you can donate here.


What if I'm going to be in London, but not attending LeakyCon?

We're working on setting up another show outside of Leaky for everyone who couldn't get registered in time. Maybe in someone's hotel room, or a hotel lobby, or a park, or a pub.

Why isn't this on Kickstarter?

Blibbering Humdingers on stageWe tried Kickstarter, but they didn't think our project was a good fit for their platform. We thought about trying IndieGoGo, but figured why even bother with a third party? We can do this ourselves.

When will I get my reward?

We expect to ship most rewards between May and Oct 2013. If you're really in a hurry for something (like a robe to wear to a conference) let us know and we can prioritize it.

What about shipping?

If you're going to be at Misti-Con, Camp, 9&3/4, or LeakyLondon, please let us know. We may be able to bring your premium(s) there and save on shipping. Otherwise, we'll cover shipping to US addresses. If you're outside the US, we might ask you for an additiontl $10-$20 dollars to cover the extra shipping.

What about anonymous donations?

We're accepting funds via paypal, so it's not really anonymous. But really, we wouldn't hold it against you if you wanted to give us lots of money. We're not too proud to ask for your help, and you should be proud to donate.

What if you don't raise all the funds? Or something goes terribly wrong?

If some kind of catastrophe happens, we'll do our best to refund money to people who want it back- prioritizing by people who had not yet received their premium(s). BUT we'd like to make it to London to play a show regardless. So, at worst, we might miss Leaky but still play some UK shows at a later date.