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Efenwealt Wystle

Efenwealt WystleEfenwealt is the alter ego of singer/songwriter Scott Vaughan. In his Efenwealt persona, he is a modern-day minstrel, performing new songs about old stuff, and old songs about old stuff, and music inspired by medieval and renaissance Europe - be it fantasy, history, myth, or legend. He started writing and recording music in 1989 about his life as a medieval re-enactor in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Over the years he's also become known for his interpretations and parodies of medieval and renaissance tunes. Efenwealt sings and plays guitar, recorders, flutes, krumhorns, bodhran (irish drum), ocarina, whistles, jew's harp, kazoo, and many assorted musical toys, percussion, keyboards, and sound effects.

He draws musical and "artistic" inspiration from the likes of: Monty Python, Dougie MacLean, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lehrer, Jethro Tull, the Muppets, Fairport Convention, the Tannahill Weavers, and Daffy Duck.

He performs mostly solo, sometimes with his wife Aenor, and sometimes for weddings and parties with the "Merry Minstrels". He lives in Cary, NC with his wife and 2 children and works a day job managing outreach programs for clinical research studies. For some reason he has a degree in architecture from NCSU that he doesn't really use.

Get some music!

Buy CDs at my Kunaki store You may also find CDs there for The Blibbering Humdingers. Do not be confused by this. That is my other band.

You can get downloads at several places. My favorite is Bandcamp. (Again don't be confused by the Humdinger stuff.)

Stream it on Spotify. In fact, if you're into SCA music, I maintain a playlist of SCA artists for your enjoyment.

You can also find some recordings at Soundclick or listen below:

For the latest news, visit the Facebook Page

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Sometimes I post random videos on the YouTube channel.

Some lyrics, samples, and notes for various recordings are also available right here:

Holding On CD cover Holding On - Here's my latest offering from 2014. A few re-imaginings of old favorites, a few new originals, some covers, some cool takes on classic medieval and renaissance tunes, even a Jethro Tull cover!
Minstrel by Trade CD cover Minstrel By Trade (and a fool in my spare time) - released in 1999. This was Efenwealt's first CD, being a compilation of his favorite and most popular songs from his first 10 years of performing. It's a great, bardic, sing-songy disc with a nice balance of pretty and silly.
Eine Kleine Knechtmusik Eine Kleine Knechtmusik (2006) - a collection of more juvenille songs for SCA kids. This is great for riding to events with the family.
Sock Drawer Songs from the Sock Drawer (2008) - a mish-mash of celtic, folk, medieval, renaissance and wizard rock songs. Basically a bunch of great tunes hauled out from deep storage.
Crap All That Crap They Make Me Sing (2002) - In his youth, Efenwealt gained noteriety for singing a great deal of filth, filk and other nonesense. He re-recorded these songs to appease those hungry fans. Adults only.
All Your Bard All Your Bard Are Belong To US (2004) - When Efenwealt got a new computer, he had a chance to really play and have a great deal of fun with some medieval dance tunes and some other ditties. This one is exceptionally good for road trips.
Trouvere Trouvere (2009) - music from around the year 1200 - singable english translations of medieval songs and some nice dance tunes. Efenwealt's "persona music."