Our dream is to bring a little magic, fantasy, and history into people’s lives in fun and beautiful ways. We love all kinds of dress-ups, from medieval fantasy, renaissance, steampunk, sci-fi and more. In the SCA you might know us as Maîtresse Aénor d’Anjou and Efenwealt Wystle. Here is some of the stuff we do:

myfunkycamelotMyFunkyCamelot.com – Kirsten’s online store for handmade costuming & accessories (also known as Kirsten Vaughan Designs) – Steampunk, Fantasy, Medieval, Renaissance, Neo-Victorian, Pirates, and other whimsy.
humdingersBlibberingHumdingers.com – comedic Wizard Rock, Nerd Musik and all manner of delightful and salacious music for wizards, geeks, nerds, SCAdians, LARPers, gamers, and all manner of hoopy froods.
efenwealtEfenwealt Wystle – medieval, renaissance, celtic, and folk music- inspired by our doings in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

If there is something you were looking for and can’t find, drop us a line and we’ll try to get it back up ASAP.